Nissan Rogue Sport’s Features And Price Seems To Meet Expectations: Review

Days after Nissan unveiled its grand plans for India with the all-new 2017 Nissan Micra, the Japanese car major has proven that it can still belt out great looking cars with quality features, one of which is the Nissan Rogue Sport. What we felt after a brief stint with this baby is this: the small SUV has everything it takes to be a hit.

The car is conveniently priced and has a great form factor as well, leading to an irresistible package. Nissan has recently been on a spate of SUV launches, one of which is the Nissan X-Trail Hybrid.

The Rogue Sport is the smaller version of the bestselling Rogue SUV, which has been one of Nissan’s  signature mainstays.

Nissan Rogue Sport: Under The Hood

The new Rogue Sport has a lot of comfortable engine options under the hood. For sportier handling, the Rogue Sport offers adjustable power steering. It has a very powerful and very efficient 141-HP 2-liter engine, except that it is slightly less powerful than smaller turbocharged engines which include the Chevrolet Trax and Equinox and the bigger Honda CR-V.

nissan rogue sport

The Nissan Rogue Sport

However, the Honda HR-V is the main competition and the Rogue Sport throws it out of the park as far as specs are concerned.

The engine seems pretty decent while driving in the city but cannot take too much acceleration on the highway. With around 200 pounds less than the original Rogue, it still has a worse weight-to-power ratio than the bigger sibling as well as the smaller Honda HR-V.

Looks-wise too, the new Rogue Sport will have a better and more attractive look than the competing Honda HR-V.

What Works

The styling of the new mini-SUV is what definitely works. Other factors include the fact that the Nissan Rogue Sport also has superb interiors including an user-friendly touch screen and voice recognition.

Also, the price is just right. With the Nissan Rogue Sport, the gap between the subcompacts such as the Honda HR-V and compacts such as the CR-V will also be bridged.

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