New Patents Hint at Bezel-Less LG Smartphones With Secondary Display in Future

LG has always managed to bring in some sort of innovation when it comes to the design of a smartphone, and the latest patent which has come up reveals that LG is set to bring in a lot of innovations in their upcoming flagship devices LG V30 and LG G7. It has been not long that we have come across the LG G6 which has got the widescreen display along with thin bezels. And if we go by the latest patent, upcoming smartphones from LG are going to have even lesser bezels which will certainly make the devices even more attractive.

LG Patent

The leaked image of the patent has revealed that the future smartphones from LG might sport secondary display

The patent which has made it to the headlines of the news and updates from the field of technology, according to the report in Gizmochina, has been dated November 2016 and belongs to the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service. And it can be observed that there is no bezel at the top of the screen which has got a number of buttons on it. And it the middle of it there is the selfie camera. The bezel at the bottom of the screen is almost non-existent as well.

However, regarding the dual-screen features of the smartphone, there is no clear indication in the patent. It is not yet sure whether there is a division in the middle of the screen or there are a couple of screens if we take a look at the patent. Along with there is no clear indication that the earphone jack is going to be placed at the top of the smartphone which is going to be built on the design as shown in the patent. However, in the image three things can be spotted in the bottom edge of the smartphone. It is not yet clear what purpose will those serve, but it is predicted that one of the three is going to be for the USB Type-C port and the other for the speaker. But the third is supposed to be the headphone but chances are also there that it might not eventually turn out to be true in the end.

The patent as shown in the image somewhat resembles the smartphones which have been launched by LG in the V series. So there are chances that LG G7 might have a different design. But as we close in on the launch of the LG V30, this one could well be the patent of the LG V30. In fact, it was not too long ago that reports came out suggesting that LG V30 will be coming out with the OLED panel and have a curved design. Not just that, Google also mentioned that LG V30 will be supportive of the Google Daydream VR. So there is an abundance of news regarding the LG V30. So the images of the patent could well turn out to be the one for the LG V30.

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