Destiny 2 will Focus on “Big Expansive Cinematic Stories”

The original Destiny may have fulfilled much of our combat fantasies, but most agree on the fact that the game was a wreck from the story aspect. With Destiny 2 coming to the PC besides consoles, Bungie is doing a lot of things differently, although not all of these have invited satisfied responses. But there’s hope for fans yet, as one of the biggest points of focus for the new game is building a complete experience based on relatable characters and an engaging storyline.

Destiny 2

Relatable character motivations will be the centre of focus in Destiny 2. Image source: IGN

In a recent interview with IGN, Senior Narrative Lead at Bungie Jason Harris and Cinematic Lead Matthew Ward say that one of the biggest learning curves for them going into the development of Destiny 2 was fan feedback. Comparing the two games, the creators say that while Destiny, being the foundational title, raised a lot of questions, it is up to the sequel in the works to actually address them by delving deeper.

That the story will be a highlight in Destiny 2 was hinted at in the reveal trailer itself. One of the points of interest that Ward and Harris talk about in the interview is the journey of the Guardians as they start from scratch. “Your light, your guns, your armor; there’s something more to being a Guardian (…) Each one of them have something about them, and their connection to the Light that we have taken away that they ultimately have to learn how to fill and overcome,” says Harris as Ward adds that the sense of loss will help bring out the more human side of the Guardians.

Destiny 2 is going to take all of these into account and build up on the story elements that had not been paid proper attention in the original title and its add-ons. For instance, players will learn a lot more about the Traveler and its secrets in the new game- something that the Destiny DLCs had largely overlooked.  In addition, Ward hopes that the “big expansive cinematic stories” in Destiny 2 will leave fans complaining about how much story the new game has. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch the interview.

So far, Destiny 2 looks like a promising title, and players don’t have to wait too long before trying out part of the game for themselves. If you have pre-ordered the game, you will be able to play the console beta from July 19 until July 23. Those who have not pre-ordered it have to wait until July 21 to try it, and the PC beta still does not have a date. But Bungie has said that it will arrive sometime during late August.

The game releases on the Xbox One and PS4 on September 6, while it will come to the PC on October 24.

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