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We at TWR have a common vision and a set of goals which we aspire to. We believe that the reader should decide what is important to them and what is not. In this sense, we at TWR strive to help you sort through the white noise that fills our everyday lives. If you have enjoyed your experience @TWR, you might want to check out the people behind them.

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Sufia Banu
Editor (Entertainment)
Mother of cats. THE authority as far as GoT is concerned (in the office), she is fearless, yet soft. Humility is her strongest card. Has an advanced degree in daydreaming and can consume massive amounts of tea. Partial to Hollywood, a big fan of The Hours, Cate Blanchett, and Ellen Ripley. In that order. Closeted badass, wears thick glasses to mask that fact. PS: Fond of good food, she never seems to gain any weight. Oh God, how?
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Saikat Mitra
Editor (Sports)
Or Saix, as he calls himself, has this unique capability of spending the entire day without once getting bored. Fond of technological achievements and accompanying human foibles. Loves to climb mountains. Trying to quit smoking..for the umpteenth time. Loves to swim against the tide but, unfortunately, cannot swim.
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Saptadipa Mukherjee
Editor (Gaming)
Our fashion police and eclectic music lover. Has a fantastic knack for the latest trends that we can only gawk at. Can rival Sufia on GoT expertise as well.. Fond of Quentin Tarantino and crazy over Crazy Astronaut (yet to Tweet to him, however). Die hard fan of Joseph Heller and our go-to woman when the crap hits the fan. Has a massive sweeet tooth.
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Nibedita Chanda
Our resident Khaleesi, who is partial to Jason Momoa in his reel and real avatar. Loudest and most high-pitched voice in the office, takes good care of the juniors. Breaks out in spontaneous busrts of singing and dancing, especially when she's hungry. Wondefully creative should the situation demand it, she is our pint sized dynamite
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Krishanu Chatterjee
Senior Content Writer
A socialist in the truest sense of the term, superhero enthusiast, the only person who still uses a feature phone, and yet is the most tech savvy amongst us. Always ready for a belly laugh and partial to Jean-Luc Godard. Trumpsexual and Muffler-Man expert.
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Debarati Choudhury
Senior Content Writer
The one lady in the office who cannot go home on time. Fond of Bollywood, she has a history in broadcast journalism as well. A self-avowed dog lover, she hopes to ban animal circuses one day. Partial to (fried) dumplings, she can bring a lot of energy with her when the day begins. After 5 PM, her fretting starts, although we must say that is when she produces her best work. Do not ask us how.
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Argha Ghosh
Senior Content Writer
The human equivalent of a tornado, he breezes into office in a tearing hurry every day. An ardent Manchester United fan, will not accept any badmouthing about 'his' team. The fastest scribe amongst us all, he hides his inner kid in a blaze of unshaven fuzz. Excellent photobomber and a skilled tiffin-sleuth.
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Riya Dey
She of the golden/wine-red locks. Shouts at phantoms in case she is frustrated, shouts at us if she's in the mood. Riya is someone who doesn't take shit and doesn't give it either. Fond of Tinder but always swipes left. Has a heart of gold and is rooted in tradition.
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Pranay Das
Content Writer
Life of the party, instant mood uplifter. Resident queer activist and GoT specialist. The ideal man to have beside you after a hard day's work. Partial to Satyajit Ray, Stephen Dandry, and Ridley Scott. Has a knack for the outrageous. Also hardworking, industrious, and chivalrous. PS: has a gorgeous mane..wink wink
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Somnath Brahma
Content Marketing
Somnath is someone you go to in case you wish to leave office on time. Industrious, scrupulously tidy, (and on Facebook 24x7), he is averse to loud noises and prefers his solitude. Loves a glass of Chablis occasionally. Hardly the Mohunbagan goon we are used to seeing on the Maidan on a sunny day. Has a good taste in books and knows his F1.
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Suresh Das
Content Marketing
Our own Man Friday, master of the pun and cuisine aficionado. Does not know how to say no, which is a good thing. Interested in Captain Jack Sparrow and Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle, this is one man who you can go to in any situation. Knows the game
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Suman Das
Content Marketing
Perhaps the most soft spoken in the office, is also a skillful selfie hunter-gatherer. Expert at editing photos till they no longer resemble the real thing. Excitable at times, retains his composure all day long. Partial to Mughlai food and women in glasses. PS: Did we tell you he loves selfies?
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